About Studio Be More 

Studio B in short, is an independent sales and marketing consultancy. Consider us your extended team or an extra pair of hands (literally). We believe in taking small but incredibly effective steps to make it work for your business.

We are here to help businesses, home-based entrepreneurs, sole traders, non-profits, educational institutions and anyone who is just starting out or simply looking to get help with their sales and marketing strategy.

Why Studio B?

The name Studio B is inspired by the small, yet important part of our world, the bee, that symbolizes hard work, growth, and a sense of community. Just like the industrious bee, Studio B is here to help you grow your business in Australia and beyond.

Our capabilities include:

Client feedback:

💡"Kavita brought a creative spirit and entrepreneurial flair to assist our clients in making the decision to purchase our services." - A client from Australia 

💡"We engaged Kavita to help us craft outbound marketing emails for a training programme, and we also sought her help to educate us on sales funnel and pipeline." - A client from Singapore